Skinial was founded in 2011 and is already present in many countries and on several continents.

Skinial currently offers the most efficient method to remove a tattoo.

Skinial is a Tattoo Removal Method using the skin’s natural rejection response.

Skinial is using Lactic Acid – The patented removal liquid SKINIAL-EX.

All colors and color combinations can be removed with our tattoo removal without laser process.

The tattoo ink leaves the body through the surface of the skin and the removal liquid will be completely degraded by the body’s natural metabolism within hours.

Always depends on the size. Each area has to be treated only once. Small tattoos can be removed with one to three treatments.

Business Opportunity!

SKINIAL – is looking for a Business Developper in your country.

Become our partner with a new and exceptional business opportunity in the cosmetic field!

SKINIAL is already has studios in many countries.

SKINIAL will change the profession of tattoo removal completely and is already number one in the world. The concept is crisis-proof and especially in difficult times is a business with a very good prospective.

The criteria’s for the acceptance of a new Skinial master are:

  • He/she has cosmetic or medical know how
  • He/she has access to a network of potential clients, trainers or studios
  • He/she has the ability to speak English, French or German language and does not work with a translator for the direct contact with Skinial
  • He/she signs the country master agreement
  • He/she pays the master fee
  • He/she organizes the master training and organizes the translation of the required documents

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In order to receive even more detailed and confidential information, we ask you to first sign the confidentiality agreement and to complete the questionnaire. Download the documents using the buttons below:

Please complete both forms, sign those and return them to:

  • Via telefax to the fax number +49 69 / 21 99 81 37
  • Via mail to Skinial GmbH, Rathenauplatz 2-8, D-60313 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
  • Or simply scan the completed forms, and email them both to info@skinial.com

Return both documents to us, we will then contact you shortly.